About ARA

The Angewandte Resident Artist Programme offers international artists and curators an opportunity to undertake projects at the University of Applied Arts Vienna combining artistic practice, research and teaching, projects as well as project cooperations that constitute a valuable contribution in the areas of art, design or artistic research.

At the Angewandte, the idea of a university as a place of critical reflection on one’s own way of thinking and doing, a place where questions are more important than ready-made answers, is a living reality. Study at the Angewandte is not limited to the mere acquisition of artistic techniques and skills. The central emphasis is on developing individual artistic creativity and reflecting theoretically and conceptually on the creative process.

Substantial contributions of the highest quality are made in all of the artistic and scientific disciplines represented at the Angewandte, including those made in the collaborative context of international partnerships and interdisciplinary work. In recent years, the Angewandte has been at the national forefront of artistic research.

The Angewandte Resident Artist Programme offers artists an opportunity to take part in this lively discourse by carrying out projects of their own. Through their artistic participation in the various programmes of the University, artists in residence are able to contribute to generating creative, stimulating synergies that are then set free in an international sphere of activity.

It is the desire of the Angewandte that each individual project, seen as a supplement to regular teaching, should also be conceived as a field of observation, practice and experience for the students. Participation in the University’s public programmes, in active research debates on contemporary art production, open studios, project presentations, etc., is also very much desired.